Vinyl Pressing and Distribution

Details on pressing a vinyl:

  • A retail price which is significantly higher than the average wholesale price level.
  • A distribution agreement for your label – world widely and exclusively.
  • A simple and easy way of producing and publishing a vinyl.
  • A monthly statement and payout of your sales

First, you must be aware that releasing a vinyl in times like these is mainly a promotion tool. As digital downloads became available to nearly everybody everywhere, are cheaper and most important have a lot less weight to carry around than a physical release, a lot of DJs turned they back on the classic vinyl. Even so or perhaps even, therefore, it can be very important for a label to have a vinyl as physical release next to the digital download release. There are still many DJs, especially amongst the "big ones", which use vinyl exclusively.

All you have to do is to choose the tracks you would like to be on the vinyl. We take care of all the fabrication and distribution.

Please have in mind that a basic prerequisite for pressing a vinyl is a professional mastering of your tracks. Mastering a track means to prepare a track for publication on vinyl and give it a refinement of sound.

We offer a professional studio mastering free of cost!!!.

Your vinyl will be distributed by exclusively and will be offered on wholesale world widely. You will receive your distribution contract right after you placed the order.

We guarantee a good and fair price above the regular wholesale level. Your record will be listed in all well-known shops word widely.

The completion of your vinyl pressing can take up to 10/12 weeks. You must consider this when thinking about the release date of your vinyl. Our vinyl team is at your side for all open questions you might have.

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