Pressology Mastering focuses on the costs and expenses that record labels have at the moment. We are trying to be as competitive as possible with our prices and fee’s without compromising quality, thus making it more affordable for artists and labels to achieve a professional sound and industry-standard quality that works within a tight budget.

We run an affordable analogue & digital mastering solution that caters primarily for electronic music; using a combination of high-end analogue mastering equipment with the highest quality software in a perfectly designed studio to achieve a clean, warm sound. We concentrate on stereo width, definition, sound character, mixing, and bringing out the finer elements in a mix, rather than just making your records sound unnecessarily loud and over-compressed – like some mastering engineers and online automated mastering services do at the moment.

Studio Equipment

  • Full Auralex Acoustically Treated Studio
  • Pro Tools HD
  • Ableton Live
  • Logic Pro
  • UAD Suite
  • Sonnox Mastering & Restoration Suite
  • Brainworx Mastering Suite
  • NI Komplete Bundle
  • SPL Mastering Suite
  • Abbey Road Mastering Suite
  • Izotope Mastering & Restoration Suite
  • SSL X-Logic Master Compressor
  • SSL Duende
  • Manley Massive Passive EQ
  • TT DR Meter (Exact RMS Output Meter)
  • TL Audio 5021 Analog Tube Compressor
  • T.C Electronics Triple-C Outboard Multiband Compressor Unit
  • Lexicon MPX 200 Effects Unit
  • Precise K-System Metering
  • Various Korg/Roland/Lexicon Outboard Gear
  • Behringer Composer MDX 2000
  • Alesis 3630 Compressor (The Legendary Unit Used By Daft Punk)
  • CME Bitstream 3X
  • Focal Twin 6 Professional Mastering Monitors
  • Focal CMS 65 Professional Near Field Monitors
  • Focal CMS Sub
  • RME Fireface 800
  • RME Fireface UCX
  • RME Fireface UC
  • SPL MTC Monitor Controller

All mastering is carried out using Analogue Equipment and High-End software, giving you that warm Analogue sound combined with today’s precise modelling technology.

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