Spotify Canvas is Available to All Pressology Labels and Artists


Spotify Canvas, which allows songs on Spotify to feature a 3-8 second looping video instead of static album art, is now available to all labels and artists that use Pressology to distribute music. Previously, this feature was only available to selected artists.

Maximizing engagement and listener retention have been always the no.1 goal of any artists on streaming platforms. Canvas is proven to increase engagement and lead listeners to be:

  • 5% more likely to continue streaming
  • 145% more likely to share a track
  • 20% more likely to add a track to their playlist
  • 1.4% more likely to save a track
  • 9% more likely to visit your profile page

You can remove or replace the canvas of a track whenever you want. You can also share your canvas to Instagram stories (It will loop in the background, along with track details and a link for fans to “Play on Spotify”) to drive fans back to listen on Spotify. Simply upload your video through the Spotify for Artists website or mobile app, within an hour, your listeners will see your looping visual when they play the track.

Adding a video component to a song is a promotional push artists should leverage to increase their Spotify stream count and followers. It is album artwork that is more engaging than an image, and leads to more shares to platforms outside of Spotify. Check out Spotify’s 10 tips on how to maximize the engagement of your Canvas videos: https://bit.ly/35JrrY3

We hope this will help you take your music to the next level! You can use Canvas to add to your album’s narrative and include Canvas as part of your release strategy.

Please note that this feature remains unavailable to consumers in these markets:

  • Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova
  • MENA (Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates
  • India

In addition, Spotify also introduced a new Canvas Designer category on SoundBetter. This new category connects musicians with a carefully selected community of graphic designers that are skilled at creating Canvas looping videos, specifically for the Spotify platform. SoundBetter is a marketplace that was acquired by Spotify in 2019, offers audio engineers, singers, producers and musicians for hire.

Shoot us a message at info@pressology.net with any questions, concerns, or ideas!