Claim Your Exclusive Access to Beatport’s DJ Web App Public BETA


Claim Your Exclusive Access to Beatport’s DJ Web App Public BETA

Imagine the ability to mix and test out tracks while you dig through Beatport. Discover, audition, and organize music all under one roof. Please welcome the Beatport DJ App — a web-based application that will completely revolutionize playlist building and music discovery for DJs and listeners alike!

With its straightforward, drag-and-drop, two-deck interface, users can mix any two tracks from Beatport’s entire catalogue right from their Chrome web browser, using all the essentials any DJ would expect, including:
– Tools: EQs, faders, loops, SFX, cue points, sync, headphone preview.
– Music Discovery: Users can access artist + label playlists, genre charts, and expertly curated Beatport playlists and start mixing with them directly within the app.
– LINK Playlists: Easily manage and build custom playlists that will automatically update to any DJ software connected to your Beatport LINK account.
– Automix: Enjoy a more active and personal listening experience with endless hours of seamless and uninterrupted mixing with any genre, chart, or playlist on Beatport.

There are so many more exciting features within the Beatport DJ App that we can’t wait to show you.

The public beta of the Beatport DJ web app is now available to anyone with a Beatport LINK subscription.