Does your company promote our labels?

Yes. We promote your label in our website www.pressology.net, which attracts around 10,000 of visitors a day, Facebook, Soundcloud,Forums, Blogs, Newsletters, Feed Reader.

All free of charge.

What we can’t do for you is promote to your fan base, you should let your fans know when a new release is out and send them some info where to buy or download.

Can I send you Dj Mixes or Free tracks for promotion?

Yes, Dj Mixes and free tracks are a good way to promote your label, please send us your mixes including tracklist and promos to info@pressology.net we’ll then advertise it for you.

Can I choose the stores to be distribute to?

No, Pressology prefers to work with its labels on an exclusive deal and thanks to a long experience in the sector, we select the most suitable stores to sell your music effectively.

Are there any upfront fees to join PRESSOLOGY?

No, all we take is our distribution fee.

Do you have different distribution fees?

No, we have one flat distribution fee that sits in the middle of the market standard. Some companies charge far more than us, and some take less. Some companies that take a lesser fee will top this up with additional charges for digitization, file formatting, codes, error fixing etc….Everything we do is included in our distribution fee.

My distributor doesn’t take care of my label as it should I’m frustrated, will you take care of us?

If your distributor ignore your requests and needs because you are a small label or simply they can’t cope,  you can depend on us.  You won’t have that problem we treat all labels the same and have an outstanding customer service, we promise to answer your emails in 24-48 Hours and don’t get annoyed by your requests.

How often do I get paid? Method of payments

Pressology shall render to Label an accounting on a quarterly annual basis, Sixty-five (65) days after quarterly end, accompanied by payment of any amounts due.  Any balance due under USD 100 (aggregated for all Licensees) shall be rolled into the following quarter and paid only when the balance exceeds USD 100

Payments will be sent through Paypal, Wire Transfer and Bank Check

How do I upload our releases?

Once you join with us we will issue you with unique FTP details to deliver to.

What file formats do you accept?

WAV – 16 bits 44 Khz / JPG – 1500×1500 pixels

When will our releases hit the stores? Can I make it Exclusive to Beatport?

We need your release uploaded 15 days before its release date.

Bear in mind that the exclusive price is expensive for buyers so please only use the Exclusive option if your release is good enough for it or it won’t sell.

How do I check sales? Is this automated?

You can check daily sales estimates from Beatport, Traxsource, Junodownload and Itunes directly.

How do I advertise on Beatport? How much does it cost?

The advertise is free, every week a label genre representative chose release/label to be advertise, we don’t have control on this. Beatport advertisement policy provide upon request

I am new label, will my label be accepted by Beatport?

Since October 2008 getting approved by Beatport is proving harder for new labels, this affects all distribution companies. Now you have to fill an application form which will be check by two members of the staff.
They are looking for labels with web presence, labels which have a fan base, good music and production, labels that have a good marketing plan and can prove a release schedule for the next 6 months.


I don’t see my label in Beatport anymore, what’s wrong?

if your label doesn’t sell $400 every 3 months (Quarter) in a 6 months period it’ll most probably be deleted from Beatport website

What other services do you offer?

Logo design, artwork/banner packages, Mastering, DJ Promo, Myspace layout design, video promotion and much more!


My release is out today but it’s not in the store, why?

Stores do not have opening hours so the releases will be encoded and made live at some point on the day of release, so for some stores that could be 2 minutes after Midnight, and others 1pm in the afternoon, so no need to e-mail us to chase the stores.

There is a spelling mistake on my release, why?

When you send us metadata for you release you have to make sure that everything is spelled correctly, as we only use the information supplied to us by you. But everyone is only human and mistakes will happen from time to time, and in most cases can be rectified with 24-72hrs depending on the store.

Is there a maximum number of releases I can put out per month?

No, but we through experience would not suggest more then 2. It can be detrimental to your releases if you have more than this, and you can easily flood the market and damage the brand and image that you are working hard to promote and grow.

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