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Posted March 11th, 2011 at 1:00 pm


While charts are mainly focused around Beat Port, several other Dance stores are very happy to receive charts and are more likely to promote them for your key releases.

When one of your big artists submits a chart, please let me know (and send me the link – as most charts can be submitted online now) and I myself or the marketing team will submit them for editorial consideration.

For Audiojelly chart submissions, you will need to create an artist log-in, which you can do by requesting this to me.

Beat Port Chart Submission

Beat Port have created an online chart submission process.

 Please follow this link and follow the instructions:

Juno Chart Submission

1. Go to or and log in (or register, if you don’t have a log-in).

2. Use the search engine or listings pages to find the records you want, and click on the “heart” icon to the left of each title, to add it to your chart.

3. When you have 10 or more titles, click “View my chart” in the pop-up mini-window.

4. In the Chart Editor page that opens next, add your name and upload a Photo using the “Browse” button, and a title for the chart (optional). Move tracks up and down the chart using the controls to the left of each cover scan. You can use the Edit Text field to plug any forthcoming gigs, releases etc.

5. When you’re ready, just click PUBLISH CHART and you’re done! (On the final page there are also various options for e-mailing the finished chart, linking to bookmark sites, etc. – these are good for publicity but non-compulsory.)

6. As soon as we receive the chart, it will appear on the Top DJs page ( or ).

Dj Download Chart Submission

Go to > search for release > click on track > copy and paste the last seven digits of the URL corresponding to the track.

For example:

Please provide ten track Ids in an email to your distribution representative.

Trackitdown Chart Submission

 Please download the form from this link and follow the instructions:

Satellite Chart Submission

If you haven’t heard of it please check it out:
Please download the chart instructions and overview.
These guys are really keen to get exclusives and will happily promote your suggestions too.
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